Water Quality Report

Water quality has always been our primary commitment at Lyon & Sioux RWS. We believe the best way to assure you that your drinking water is safe and reliable is to provide accurate facts. We routinely test for more than 76 constituents in your drinking water. We are very proud of the quality of water that we offer our members and urge you to have a look at what is not in your water as well, as what is. The Water Quality Report explains where your water comes from and the treatment process used to make it safe.

LSRWS has several sources of water for our members. Shallow wells at Doon, Klondike, George and Otter Creek are the main sources of water. We have 3 deep wells (700 ft.) at Larchwood. We also purchase water from the City of Rock Rapids, and the Lewis and Clark RWS at the Grand Falls Casino Site and at the Dove Ave Connection.

If you are unsure of your water source, you can access the Service Area Map. The water sources and the areas they serve are shown on the map and are easily identified. If you would prefer, please feel free to contact us at our office at (712) 472-3755, for help in determining your water source or if you have any further questions.

Click here for the 2024 Water Quality Report